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Dream a Little Dream by kitsune-kij Dream a Little Dream by kitsune-kij
Definitely my favorite shot so far of my Amano Morpheus/Dream costume. I'd really like to do a proper shoot with it, however, in a more appropriate setting. Here's hoping I can find someplace nearby for it, and a photographer.

This costume cost me 600 dollars in materials and accessories, and took over a month to put together. The cape was easily the most difficult part of the costume. The flames were painting within a span of two weeks and the inside (to be shown in another photo) took three weeks. My wall hasn't recovered yet and is no longer blue. The fabric for the cape cost about 80 dollars, including the various materials put into the collar. Three cape patterns were spliced for this. The painting job used 150 dollars worth of fabric paint.

The shiny jacket and pants were made from vinyl, using an altered jacket pattern and suit pants pattern. Vinyl + me
+ sewing = disaster waiting to happen. The pants were resewn three times. The black shirt underneath was simply a large tank top bought from a store and painted across the top. The boots were also bought, but entirely painted. The bracers were made from a soft brown suede using a glove pattern we've had for over a decade and used multiple times.

There are three beaded strands in all. Two are about three feet in length, sewn to each underarm and to each bracer. A third is over six feet in length and sewn only to the underarm. All were handbeaded by me and used about 50 dollars worth of beads. There were some shorter strands used in the wig. There are five rings in all, all made by me using 30 gauge copper and various instruments. The necklace was also made by me, the base cut from 30 gauge copper, clasped in the back with a barrel clasp, and strands of beads glued on with metal glue. All the blue gems were made with resin, cast in modeling clay, and glued on in the same manner.

The make-up took almost two hours, mostly due to putting in the contacts. There has been no manipulation done to this photo - the contacts made almost my entire eye black. They are sclera lenses, used to correct some major vision problems, but often used theatrically. These cost me near 300 dollars. I still enjoy them, though, and am glad I put the money into it. The white make-up was Wal-Mart Halloween make-up, because I was strapped for cash by that point.

And I think that's it. Styled the wig myself, but it sucks, so I'm looking to get a "Punky" wig from Cosworx, known around other sites as an Elvira wig. I'll be posting another convention shot, and maybe some detail shots later.

Photo from Magus at
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Amazing~ I'll edit some for you in photoshop when I get a chance.
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January 10, 2007
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